How can I become a franchise partner?

How can I become a franchise partner?



All businesses want to make a reliable profit. Fornetti's franchise system allows you to expand your existing business offerings risk-free with little investment, or to start a new, profitable business. The success of a business depends on the location of the store, which is ideally in the busiest part of a town (city centre, school, bus stop, medical institution, etc.). Our colleagues will schedule a personal visit to your store, where they will provide detailed information about the expectations and the opportunities based on an analysis of the store’s location and its design. If both parties find the terms acceptable, the cooperation agreement can be concluded. We can also help you by designing and building a ready-to-launch store for you. Following a detailed technical survey, our specialists will help you design the ideal store for you in light of your technological and sales objectives. Once the plans are approved and accepted, the construction can begin under the supervision and coordination of Fornetti. Our specialists will work together with public utility companies during the construction of the store. Furniture is manufactured in our own furniture plant, and we also install it on site. After the handover of the store, employees are trained on site. Whether you are placing an order, opening your store in the morning or doing your everyday work, our staff will always be there for you to support you and to educate the employees of the store in order to help make your business as profitable as possible.

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