Aryzta AG

Aryzta AG

Aryzta AG was formed in 2008 with the merger of IAWS Foods (founded: 1897, a wholesale association of various Irish agricultural co-operatives) and Hiestand Group (founded: 1967 in Zurich, a distributor and manufacturer of frozen bakery goods). Aryzta AG is a giant international company in the food industry with a prominent role in the B2B sector of frozen bakery products: it is the global supplier of the retail and QSR sectors. The company boasts many strong brands; it operates a total of 54 bakery plants in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. The company is continuously working on building relationships with partners in all of its regions and is driven globally by its strong customer-centric and investor-focused attitude. The group boasts an exceptionally wide range of products. They include not only classical bread-like products and sweet or salty bakery products, but part of their repertoire is made up of various confectionary products (cakes, icings, dessert specialities). Aryzta AG bought Fornetti Group on 4th August, 2015. 


Aryzta AG’s mission

“Building on our heritage, we have become the preferred choice of clients on the market of frozen bakery products, which allows us to nurture our consumers and to make them happy day after day all over the world.”


Aryzta AG’s vision

“We are proud to be market leaders in frozen bakery products. We seek to passionately fulfil the needs and ambitions of our customers and our people.”


Aryzta’s key values

„All of our activities are defined by honesty and respect, which serves as the foundation of trust on the part of employees and partners.” We expect ourselves, as well as others to commit to our company’s values.”

“We take care of our employees, our community, and the food we produce. We foster a safe, inclusive and accepting work environment which allows our people to develop as individuals, to realize their full potential, and to create value for the community.”

“Our employees take responsibility for their work thanks to the powers associated with their position, while they work towards success in co-operation with the rest of a strong team. We encourage employees to seek new challenges that allow them to realize individual achievements that also contribute to the success of the company.”

“By focusing on our clients, we seek “win-win” solutions while also taking consumer needs into account. By understanding our partners’ needs and priorities and using our industry-specific knowledge, we can utilize our resources in a way that creates the best value. This is the foundation of all of our activities.”

“By constantly reconsidering the current situation and the circumstances, we form new ideas, take justified risks, and solve challenges and problems in an innovative manner.”

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